Feature Tec C1.0 Series Absolute Rated Vapor Phase Coalescer Elements

The Feature Tec filter coalescer elements are designed to filter extremely fine mist from gas streams. The fiberglass media is pleated to maximise surface area and improve maximum flow rate capacity.


-Remove oil downstream of a gas compressor

-Remove impurities upstream of a gas turbine

-Collect desiccant solution downstream of absorber/contact tower


Length 18/36/72 inches
Outside Diameter 4.5 inches
Inside Diameter 3.13 inches
Center core Carbon steel (standard)/Stainless steel (available)
Outer core Carbon steel (standard)/Stainless steel (available)
End caps Carbon steel (standard)/Stainless steel (available)
Gaskets Buna N
Gasket Adhesive Polyurethane
Prefilter media Pleated paper
Final high efficiency media Pleated micro fiberglass
Outer sock Needled polyester
Removal rating 0.3 micron absolute


Operating Limits
Inlet Differential Pressure (dP) < 0.5 psi
Change out differential pressure 15 psi / 103 kPa
Maximum element operating life 1 year
Maximum operating temperature 300 F / 149 C
Minimum operating temperature -60 F / -51 C


How coalescing works

Fine mist (down to 0.3 microns) is formed into larger droplets as the gas passes through the cartridge. As the gas passes through the cartridge element, fine mist particles or droplets will collide with the fibers of the cartridge. Due to surface tension the tiny droplet will hold on to the glass fiber element of the cartridge until it is large enough where gravity will force the liquid to fall and be collected at the base of the filter housing. Droplets will start off small but will grow in size due to collision with other droplets.

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