Pressure is a vital component to Instrumentation. Treliving provides pressure gauges and pressure transmitters which represent the industry standard and are designed to provide lasting service in extreme operating conditions when properly applied. Our pressure gauges include, standard, industrial, process, differential, safety pattern, oxygen, capsule, diaphragm, test and square and rectangular. We also supply Pressure transmitters.

Gauges can be made from a range of materials as well as NATA certified.


Our full range includes

Bourdon tube pressure gauge, Digital pressure gauge, Differential pressure gauges, flow gauges, manometers, tridicator gauge, differential pressure switches, differential pressure data loggers, room status monitor, Piston gauges, process filter gauges, digital pressure controller, differential pressure controller, bypass damper switch, differential pressure alarm, double bellows differential pressure switch, differential pressure transmitter, water pump pressure switch, sanitary pressure transmitter


Options include

NATA certification, NIST certification, ATEX approvals, exlplosion-proof, intrinsically safe, high precision, NEMA 4 (IP56), NEMA 4X (IP66), HVAC, Hygienic diaphragm, ASME 2A, ASME 3A, weatherproof


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