Differential Pressure Gauges
and Capsuhelic Differental Pressure Gauges

Magnehelic - More than 70 ranges, from 0-0.25"WG to 0-205kPa. Zero centre from .25-0-.25"WG to 15-0-15"WG. Low (to 105kPa) medium (to 240kPa) and high total internal pressure styles to 550kPa. Accuracy +/- 2% of scale.

Capsuhelic - More than 60 ranges, from 0-50"WG to 0-2000kPa. Zero centre from 1-0-1"WG to -15-0-15"WG. Senstitive to low differential pressures yet withstands internal pressures to 3,500kPa. Accuracy +/- 3% of full scale.

Both Magnehelic and Capsuhelic gauges have an easy-to read 4" dial that quickly indicate LOW AIR AND GAS PRESSURES - positive, negative or differential.

Used to measure fan and blower pressures, filter resistance, air velocity, furnace draught, pressure drop across orifice plates, liquid levels with bubbler systems, pressures in fluid amplifier or fluidic systems; to check gas-air ratio controls, automatic valves, and monitor blood and respiratory pressures in medical equipment.

Minihelic - 14 ranges from 0-0.5"WG to 0-205kPa. Special ranges and scales available for OEM volume requirements. Standard Accessories - Steel bracket, screw studs and nuts for panel mounting. Optional surface mounting bracket available.

The Minihelic is the smallest least expensive gauge using the Magnehelic principle. Choice of barbed connections for tubing or 1/8"NPT male pipe. The mineral and glass filled nylon case withstands rough use and exposure. The 5% accuracy makes it well suited as an air filter gauge.

PhotohelicCapsuhelic. Both offer more than 60 ranges. From 0-.25"WG to 0-41,000kPa. Max rated pressure for Photohelic is 550kPa. Capsuhelic is 3,500kPa.

Photohelic and Capsu-Photohelic Pressure Switch/Gauges are used to control pressures in airconditioning systems, clean rooms, fluidic and pneumatic systems, materials handling; alarm or control fume exhaust systems; monitor respiratory and blood pressures.


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